Saturday, 1 January 2011

Fashion Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Now, get up, make yourself a glass of Berocca and listen good - we've got some must-read fashion resolutions to ensure that 2011 is the year of some serious style.

1) Ditch the High Street - You heard what I said girls (and guys). It's ok to love Topshop and River Island for picking up the occasional piece, but buy your clothes there all the time and people will start to wonder if they sponsor you. For quirkier, unusual pieces, head to markets such as Camden or Brick Lane - and don't forget that although it can be exhausting, trawling charity shops often pays off.

2) Experiment - If we had a penny for every time we heard someone say 'I wish I could pull that off, but...' we'd be printing Roar on gold leaf. It's time to adopt a new frame of mind - just because you haven't worn something before or it departs from your usual style doesn't mean it can't be done. Accessorize with pieces that you are comfortable with and don't try loads of different elements at once - trust me, you can pull it off.

3) Don't Impulse Buy - We're all guilty of this. You walk into a shop in the sales, see a top that you love but which is two sizes too big, and convince yourself that with a bit of styling it will all work out ok. Ditto the shoes that are size 3 when your feet are actually size 6. Kid yourself not - the top and shoes will still be in your wardrobe unworn by the time New Year 2012 rolls around. Avoid this situation by planning ahead, only shopping for things you need, and taking a friend along to tell you when you are being utterly ridiculous.

4) Make A Mood Board - No, you don't have to be super artistic - if you don't like the idea of cutting and sticking, just have a computer folder where you save any images you come across that inspire you, whether it's a catwalk still, a hair or make-up idea or even a pic of one of your favourite celebs. This folder will inspire you througout the year, and you can keep adding to it as the seasons change.

5) Have Fun - Never take fashion too seriously. It's important, yes, but most of all it's about being yourself. You aren't Kate Moss, you are you, and your clothes are the way that you express that. Don't be afraid, get out there and play with your style and make 2011 a year to remember.

By Angharad Mead

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